Something About Us…

Canellini was founded by Gino canellini, father of the present owners, immediately after the Second World War.

Initially it was a small workshop dedicated to the reparation of bicycles and motopeds; in the 80s Gino’s sons Ermanno and Giovanni began to work and so the workshop developed from a small local reality into an established company, specialised in the artisanal assembly of bicycles, 100% italian made and produced locally.

Over time the production of Canellini bicycles increased and besides its own products, the company began to work with different and prestigious brands, which belong to well-known companies of the national and international cycling scene.

So in addiction to direct sales to the local public, a network of retailers at provincial and regional level was set up.

Another significant leap in terms of business development took place in the 90s with the arrival of new important customers such as some large distribution chains.

Today the company is proud to have reached the objectives set: to distribute the home-produced bicycles along with those of the brands it deals with throughout Italy, and to offer to its old and new customers a quality service and a wide range of products at increasingly competitive prices.

But the challenge continues and the Canellini company is now engaged in the design and construction of new models, beautiful, functional and of excellent quality, an example of which is the Electric Bike.

Our Staff

Federica Canellini

Sales Manager e Marketing Manager


Giovanni Canellini

The Boss


Marina Zavattini

Administrative Manager


Cisse Bafode

Shipping Clerk


Salvatore Pulizzotto

Shop Foreman


Mattia Truzzi



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